Jefferson Memorial


Kilmainham Gaol Part II

Part 1

In the courtyard in which the plaque remembering the men who were killed is where the rebel leaders were executed.

Below is a photo of where the men were executed.


Inside the Gaol in the largest area is where many of those who were imprisoned during the civil war were kept.

Two notable individuals being Eamon De Valera and Grace Gifford, both of whom famously opposed the Anglo-Irish Treaty.


I remember walking through the city at 3:30am.

Eerily quiet and the only thing accompanying me being the harsh bright street lights.

The bustling city, filled with entitlement and self importance, lying there empty and silent. As if the land and the city was an unwilling vessel for the sudden and rapid urbanisation and commercialisation now ever present. 

And only now the city can relax,