Kilmainham Gaol Part I

I recently made my first visit to  Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin. Famous for holding the 1916 Easter Rising leaders prior to their execution, on site.


The leaders were able to be identified, as when they were printing the Proclamation of the Irish Republic (Which proclaimed Ireland’s independence from the UK).

When this was being printed it had to be printed in two halves, and as they were discovered by the British, they only had time to destroy the top half, leaving the bottom half, which included all of signatories of the Proclamation.

A list of the men executed is shown below.



Irish Language Act

In 1998 the Irish language received recognition in the North for the first time.

The Good Friday Agreement pledged that the British government should promote the Irish language.

In 2003 the British and Irish governments issued a joint declaration to further commit to promoting the language.

Under the terms of the 2006 St Andrew’s agreement the British government commuted to introduce an Irish Language Act in Northern Ireland.

Twenty years later and this strategy is still unsuccessful and over ten years later and this legislation is still to see the light of day.